Tre Mellan Rum
October 24 to November 17 in the Project Room, Botkyrka konsthall
Opening on October 23, 5 – 8 pm.

In Between is an exhibition with three artists who take as their starting point the concept of time. As they transform memories, historical events and natural material, all three artists process the past so as to give it currency and an updated perspective.

Stina Persson, b. 1983, presents the objects Nedslag 9, 3, 7, 26,15, 21, 17, 4, 31, 8, 27 och 35 (Downstroke 9, 3, 7, 26,15, 21, 17, 4, 31, 8, 27 and 35). With a focus on the act of doing, Persson addresses the existence of life and man’s place in universe. We exist in space, and our bodies are made up of its particles. Through environmental and material studies, through destruction and renewal, Persson formulates new meanings and definitions.

Linus Svensson, b. 1983, exhibits Moments,a painting that investigates how we view time, our memories, and the colours we associate with memory. Through painting, Svensson finds a point of entry into the process of creating meaning, making detours, and becoming aware of the movements occurring all around us and of which we are a part.

Jenny Åkerlund, b. 1984, uses in-depth studies in order to explore shifts in perspective, and our ability to approach that which is on the edge between invisible and visible. The exhibition features Åkerlund’s Transmissions, a series of four drawn reproductions of printouts.

How do we formulate our conceptions? What has happened in the past, what is going to happen, and what is constructed? Perhaps the concept of time is mainly related to human perception and the idea of what the present and existence entail. What we choose to show and save, and what we choose to leave out.

The exhibition is curated by Matilda Ekström, b.1986, and is an auxiliary to her final project within the master’s program Curating Art incl. Management and Law at Stockholm University. An extension of the exhibition and presentation of the project will be shown in week 46 at the Glass cage at Stockholm University.

October 24 – November 17
Project Room
Botkyrka konsthall

Stina Persson
Linus Svensson
Jenny Åkerlund

Matilda Ekström

Curating Art, MA
Stockholm university