Foto: Ture Burnäs. Hamra gård i Botkyrka. "I egenskap av lantbrukare och spekulant på mjölkningsmaskiner besökte Joséphine Baker (varietéartist) gården. "

OPENING: Wednesday 25 January, 5 – 8 PM at Botkyrka konsthall in Tumba. Introduction and talk by Temi Odumosu at 6 PM.

Temi Odumosu is presenting a mixed-media installation that explores how local heritage archives can activate global crosscurrents, through themes of memory, identity and belonging.

The focus of the installation is a photograph representing the performance artist Josephine Baker (1906-1975) milking cows at the farm Hamra Gård (Botkyrka municipality), in 1957. It is an archival document that presents an alternative view of this well known Black personality, whilst raising questions about openness and inclusion in Sweden historically.

The installation comprises mixed media components: photography, video, and sound, in combination with physical artefacts. The sonic component is a recorded conversation between Temi Odumosu and specialist Dr Ylva Habel (media and communications studies).

The installation Milk & Honey is a research-based intervention by Dr Temi Odumosu, produced as part of Residence Botkyrka’s programme ”Developing Nordic Cities” supported by Nordic Culture Point.

Image: Photo by Ture Burnäs. Hamra Gård in Botkyrka. “Acting as a farmer and speculator for milking machines, the variety artist Joséphine Baker, visited the farm in Botkyrka.” Archival image from the City Museum in Stockholm.




25 Jan. – 19 Feb. 2017

Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba


Temi Odumosu

Developed through RESIDENCE BOTKYRKA’S programme “Developing Nordic Cities” supported by
Nordic Culture Point

Thanks to Hamra Gård