Artist Talk with Shelley Vanderbyl
Saturday 20th October, 2-4 PM in Residence Botkyrka, Krögarvägen 26.

The Canadian artist Shelley Vanderbyl is visiting Residence Botkyrka and invites us to a talk about her practice that often deals with the nurturing and taking care of others.

In 2017, Shelley exhibited her work Doses of Empathy in the exhibition Övergångar / Transitions that was shown in Botkyrka konsthall. A series of tiny hand painted landscapes in vintage medical tins become portals to other parts of the world. Over the years, the artist has given them away to people who need them, as a pharmacist fills a prescription.

Please also visit the exhibition: Your Pain isn’t a Burden that runs 19-20 October at Detroit Stockholm (Roslagsgatan 21). Here Shelley is presenting works in fresco, oil and acrylic that range from tiny to over 3 metres. In the exhibition, she is responding to situations in her own life and in the lives of others using paint to speak comfort of those experiencing mental hardships.

A collaboration between Residence Botkyrka, AllArtNow, Kultivera Tranås and Detroit Stockholm.

Artist talk:
Shelley Vanderbyk
20th October at 2-4 PM
Residence Botkyrka’s apartment
Krögarvägen 26