Photograph from Negro Life in Georgia, 1900. Vol. 4. Album compiled by WEB DuBois. Library of Congress, USA.

Black body politics for 2016: A silent lecture* by Temi Odumosu
18 October, 5-7 PM
Residence Botkyrka (kitchen windown and living room), Krögarvägen 26 in Fittja.

This 15-minute visual meditation will travel through Europe’s cultural archive and explore how people of African descent have been represented there. It will reflect on a long history of real and symbolic power relations, and pinpoint stereotypes that have continued in the present day. At the same time, the work of contemporary Black artists will provide examples of activist and counter-image making practices. Using the agency of silence as a tool for enabling people to decide for themselves, this intervention asks the critical question: Who is the subject?

*Note: Although this is a silent intervention, Dr Temi Odumosu will be available for further questions and discussion over coffee and cake

Dr Temi Odumosu is an art historian based in Copenhagen. During the autumn and winter 2016-17 she is participating in Residence Botkyrka’s programme “Developing Nordic Cities” supported by Nordic Culture Point.

A Little Closer – Making connections through archives
How can we attend to the past whilst honouring the needs of the present? This is a critical question for Art historian and artistic researcher Dr Temi Odumosu, whose professional practice has been focussed on decolonising museum and archive collections. During her residency she will embark on a process of archival excavation to find traces of diverse cultural memories, presences and systems of knowledge in the Botkyrke region. Dr Odumosu defines archives simply as repositories for storing, looking after, and producing knowledge(s), therefore they can be institutions, landscapes, single artefacts, or even people.

In addition to conducting both traditional and intuitive research, Dr Odumosu will create material moments (or contact points) in public spaces, where the outcomes of her findings are exhibited in mixed media. The overall idea is very simple: to prototype methods for expanding cultural awareness, whilst at the same time seeking to create links of empathetic connection between people and communities. She asks: Can archives be used creatively to share identity, meaning and experience across varying landscapes (urban spaces, villages, forests, the sea)?

During her residency period Dr Odumosu will give a public presentation on her scholarly research investigating the African presence in 18th century British art. She will also conduct smaller workshops as part of the New Biennial for Art & Architecture in Botkyrka.

Dr Temi Odumosu is an art historian, creative educator, and postdoctoral researcher for the Living Archives Research Project at Malmö University. Her international research and curatorial practice is concerned with the visual politics of slavery and colonialism, Africa in the archives, Afro-Diaspora aesthetics, and more broadly questioning how images influence and challenge authentic human recognition. Her upcoming book Africans in English Caricature 1769-1819: Black Jokes, White Humour will be published by Brepols (2016).


Temi Odumosu

October, 2016
January, 2017

Developing Nordic Cities /
Nordic Culture Point

Photograph from Negro Life in Georgia, 1900. Vol. 4. Album compiled by WEB DuBois. Library of Congress, USA.