Välkommen till Residence Botkyrka där Maryam Omrani presenterar projektet ”I always pretend I don’t care” med verk av Behzad Khosravi Noori, Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyen och Ulrika Flink. I samarbete med AllArtNow och Residence Botkyrka.

Projektet utgår från migrantens upplevelse av att komma till rätta i ett nytt samhälle och det glapp som kan uppstå mellan det föreställda och verkliga Europa.

Lördag 6 maj, kl. 16-18
Residence Botkyrka, Krögarvägen 26 i Fittja

Under våren presenterar AllArtNow program i Residence Botkyrkas lägenhet där grannar, konstnärer och gäster får möjlighet att mötas kring olika konstprojekt och presentationer. Alla är välkomna!

Introduktion till projektet ”I always pretend I don’t care” av Maryam Omrani (på engelska):

“The project is initiated from the point of view of a migrant who tries to explore the life in the new society. It also comes from the differences that she or he may experience between the imagined Europe and the real Europe. Some of the migrants had experienced European cultures through cinema and literature. For them Europe was imagined in terms of modern life and new ideas and also as a guardian of the Human Rights, progress, and justice. In the process of integration in the host society, a migrant is forced to redefine herself or himself, and this is the moment that one feels the power of the “gaze”, the power of judgmental and discriminatory look.

The departure point of this project is a short extract from Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, a movie by Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1973), the sequence mediated between the curator, invited artists and the anthropologist to put in to words their relation in to this sequence. After forty years Fassbinder’s film is still of high relevance when it comes to the issues of migration, labor, gender, and racialization in the current Europe. After the World War II many Western European countries launched guest-worker programs. Hundred thousands of men and women were invited to these countries including Sweden, to work in industries. In the early 1980s when the mode of production was changed and relocated to other countries and continents, the demand for the labor force diminished. Migration, however, has not diminished but its form changed. Nevertheless, the migrant as the Other remained unchanged as a stigmatized figure.”
– Maryam Omrani

Behzad Khosravi Noori, May 2016
Some Facts, One Fiction
By looking at Rainer Werner Fassbinder famous film: Ali:fear eats the souls, Some fact, one fiction fictionally investigates how being included in the body politic can be a form of social control and exclusion. It will make a connection with Bony M. a German vocal group created by Frank Farian in the late 70th in order to address the complexity of representation of the other and general notion of othering in the late 70th in Germany and therefore searching the notion of sexuality and whiteness in the postwar German society. By reediting a sequence of film, it tries to bring a question of how one can look at identity politics in relation to narration, fact and fiction, phan-tasmagoria and the politics of here and there.

Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyen, May 2016
Troubling Silence
According to professor Asia Loomba, ”colonialism was the midwife that assisted at the birth of European capitalism, or that without colonial expansion the transition to capitalism could not have taken place in Europe.” In light of this paradigm shift, racism was an integral feature in the development of capitalism as a world system. In the current stage of global economy, its economic rationale instills high productivity in compressed time frames for its workers. The isolating effects and embodied work conditions of such increasing demands crystallize a vague sense of individual responsibility into free market economic imperatives while the happiness industry is on the rise. A group meditation, titled Troubling Silence, will be offered and the performance aims to examine regimes of labour, the gaze and alterity.

Maryam Omrani is a writer and independent curator from Tehran but living in Stockholm.

Residence Botkyrka is continuing its collaboration with AllArtNow, the contemporary art centre located in Damascus until 2012 when the war closed it down. It now functions as a nomadic space throughout the world.

This spring, AllArtNow is presenting a series of programmes in Residence Botkyrka’s apartment on Krögarvägen 26 in Fittja. Everyone is invited for an afternoon get-together, meeting artists and neighbours, talks and presentations.


6 maj, kl 16-18

Krögarvägen 26, Fittja

Maryam Omrani

Behzad Khosravi Noori
Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyen
Ulrika Flink