Shazia Farrukh

OPENING PROGRAMME: Wednesday 24 May, 4 – 9 PM (see below programme for locations). The exhibition continues until 22 June.

The project Lesser-known Stories is a reaction against an increasingly one-sided and biased narrative about Islam, fueled by religious and political extremism.

Words like radicalisation and Islamophobia are dominating our information flows and public sphere, whilst sanctioning prejudice and causing tension. In a time of globalisation, the need for cultural exchange and encounters with others are even more important in order to reach beyond preconceived ideas and discover the great diversity of stories.

It is against this background, that Saima Usman, artist and curator from Pakistan, wants to nuance the perceived image of Islam by highlighting aspects and ways of feminism and Sufism as well as presenting a selection of artists whose practices range from traditional to contemporary.

Lesser-known Stories is a project that brings together: art, architecture, poetry, and religion, and takes us on a guided tour of the Fittja Mosque following an exhibition that opens with a talk and a shared meal at Botkyrka konsthall, the day before the holy month of Ramadan begins.

Programme: trip to the Fittja Mosque, opening and talks in Botkyrka konsthall:

4 PM Meet-up at Fittja metro station before walking to the mosque for a guided tour by the architect Max Dahlstrand.

5.30 PM Bus from the Fittja Mosque to Botkyrka konsthall.

6 PM Opening of the exhibition that presents miniature paintings by Shazia Farrukh “The Sky Is the Veil of God” and Khusro Sabswari’s paintings “Khusros Whirling Dervishas well as an anonymous artist from Pakistan that has compiled a video work containing music and poetry “Heartfelt Devotion to the Pursuit of Love and Truth” at Botkyrka konsthall.

6.30 PM Introduction by Saima Usman, curator for the project, followed by presentations and readings by Johannes Anyuru (poet), Frédéric Brusi (professor of Islamic studies), and Fazeela Sellberg Zaib (Muslim feminist and debater).

7.45 PM (ca) Shared meal at Botkyrka konsthall.

Lesser-known Stories is Saima Usman’s final project exhibition for the CuratorLab course at Konstfack, and is made in collaborations with Fittja Mosque and Botkyrka konsthall.


Lesser-known Stories

24 May – 22 June, 2017

Shazia Farrukh
Khusro Sabswari
Anonym konstnär
Johannes Anyuru
Frédéric Brusi
Fazeela Sellberg Zaib

CuratorLab, Konstfack

Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba