Botkyrka konsthalls nya chef är Miriam Andersson Blecher.

Miriam Andersson Blecher. Photo: Anneli Bäckman.

Miriam Andersson Blecher is the new director of Botkyrka konsthall! Miriam already has an extensive experience of the arts institution’s many facets. She started as a curator for programme and education in 2007 and has been the acting director since 2015.

In the coming couple of years, Botkyrka konsthall is developing an arts institution in Fittja where a new exhibition space is being built and will open in 2018.

“I see Botkyrka konsthall as a space for contemporary art providing opportunities to reflect upon the important questions of our time. We have the possibility of being an open democratic space where new meetings may take place, and other stories told. I believe that an art space may have a significant meaning from a local perspective, in our case from within a residential area, as well as connecting to a global context.”

Miriam Andersson Blecher is officially director from 1 July, 2016.