Students from Tumba upper secondary school collaborated with YAPP in Botkyrka as part of their Design course. We invited architect Tor Lindstrand, lecturer at the master program of KTH School of Architecture, to make one of the school’s atrium become a showroom and extended part of the classroom.

Foto: Simon Berg

Foto: Simon Berg

The project is divided into two parts – when the course finished in January the first open presentation was made. The production continued during spring 2013, and the finished work was presented in August 2013. Click for more images.

Participants Tumba gymnasium: Fanny Ahlqvist, Victor Andersson, Sebastian Blomberg, Hilda Broman, Samba Camara, Robin Eriksson, Frida Fantenberg, Pontus Graan, Nils Hagelin, Padma Heidemanis, Jakob Henlöv, Johanna Hörnell, Ulf Jansson, Andreas Langetun, Kahn André Meza Kahn, Månz Nilsson, Casper Odén, Joakim Ogefur, Allis Pettersson, Alexander Qvist Karlsson, Alexandra Svedin, Hanna Tolstrup, Sarah Undeland and Fanny Åkerström.

Invited architects and designers: Tor Lindstrand, Katja Pettersson, Magnus Ericson

Teacher: Ana Granberg

Coordinator: Caroline Malmström

Artistic leader YAPP in Botkyrka: Katrin Behdjou Söderlund