Saturday 16 September, 1-5 PM
Location: the Fittja Kitchen (containers that are located near the Fittja metro station). See the map!

Botkyrka konsthall continues the tradition of creating an art event in Fittja a weekend in September. This year’s theme wants to highlight what we all have in common: the meal and food! Join us for a day of art and taste experiences by the Fittja Kitchen!

Pop-up Prose & Poetry Bar by Nisrine Boukhari * Kimchistories workshop together with Sookyoung Huh * the collective artwork Baghdad Café by Al Fadhil * workshops for the whole family by Junior Residence * DJ Julia Rynell * BBQ * Flea Market * Collection of recipes for the upcoming Fittja Cookbook!

Workshop: Kimchistories (14.30-16.30)
The artist Sookyoung Huh invites us to a Kimchi experience where we explore the many dimensions of this globally popular Korean fermented dish. Kimchi is known for its many health benefits and is often prepared before winter. It is also a dish with many variations and adaptions that shows how food cultures are preserved and develop through times and generations. The workshop will consist of making your own kimchi, cooking and sharing a meal together by the Fittja Kitchen.

Baghdad Cafe
The collective and ongoing artwork Baghdad Café has been travelling all over the world and is now happening in Fittja. The artist Al Fadhil invites us to continue on the work that was initially mobilized in 2003 as a reaction to the Iraq war and with the purpose of gathering words, images and expressions from everywhere it goes. Join the artist, embroider and draw on the linen cloth, drink tea and meet some new friends.

Pop-up Prose & Poetry Bar
The artist Nisrine Boukhari is interpreting your prose, poetry or spoken word in the form of a specially designed drink. Bring your favourite poem or improvise at the bar!

Junior Residence
Every summer, 6 youths from Botkyrka get to work with an art project. This year the group has been exploring the framing of a meal and experimented with self portraits made out of food. They are now inviting the audience to participate in workshops based on these themes.

Work-in-progress: The Fittja Cookbook
Throughout the years of working with food and art, people have been suggesting the idea of producing a cookbook filled with recipes and stories from the neighbourhood of Fittja. Fittja Food & Art becomes the starting point for gathering these stories and the aim is to publish the book sometime in 2018.


16 September, 1-5 PM

Fittja Kitchen, Fittja

Nisrine Boukhari
Al Fadhil
Sookyoung Huh
Junior Residence

The Multicultural Centre