DIN (banner), grafisk form: Sepidar Hosseini

Where does your own culture end and the next one take place? Who really decides which kind of organized chaos can be called art?
☥ The magazine and exhibition DIN treats societal public debate with the kaleidoscopic gaze of the arts, but we would like to enlarge the story much, much more. DIN belongs to everyone.

° Have you tasted the word “un-Swedish” and become bitter? Have you wondered if the concept of Swedish ”lagom”, the element of consensus, really is best?
ॐ DIN is relevant to you, because we will stretch the concept of “Swedish culture” until it bursts through its’ seams and has room for everyone and all of us. No matter what size.

° Can we pay tribute to that which is hidden as an antidote to the expanding intolerance? How do we weave our present times into the future, and the invisible expressions with those in power?
∞ Only you can judge us now. Welcome to a magazine and an exhibition with a true interaction, DIN.

Editor: Alex Rodallec & Orten i Fokus.
❥Graphic Design: Sepidar Hosseini

❥ Interviews with: Max Miliciano, Hasanah Umar, Breeze Yoko, Emma Dominguez, Lunaria Bellydance, Laces Dance Company, ”Sweden’s National Witch” Rosie Björkman, Olivia Farias, activist portraits, and much much more!
❥ Contributors: Alex Rodallec, Sonia Sagan, Patricia Palma, Stina Mathiesen, Mariama Jobe, Anneli Bäckman, Benny Cruz, Ruhani Islam, Ricard Estay & León Mendoza.

☯Curator: Sonia Sagan (Orten i Fokus) in collaboration with Botkyrka konsthall.
✪Collaborating artists: Ziggy, Hassanah Umar, Sonia Sagan, Alex Rodallec, Saadia Hussain, Temesgen Bahat, Abbas Jaghoubi, Abdulkader Taher Yusuf, Ahmad Jahel.

⌛Guest exhibitors: Gabriela Villagrán Backman och OhSnap Sweden
❥Exhibition technician: Patrick Dallard

✜Secret acts✜
{{ WHEN: Saturday March 19, kl. 2-4 pm {{{
}}} WHERE: Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba torg 105 }}