a client of the firm, photo: Shirin Adhami

February 16 – March 24
Family workshops during the weekends. Guided tours of the exhibition on the 10th and 23rd of March at 2pm.

At Botkyrka konsthall, we open this spring’s program presenting a solo exhibition with American artist Daniel Peltz.

In a fickle globalized economy, stories of perpetual growth and political appeals to citizens’ capacity for “hope” abound, attempting to reinforce a popular narrative of “faith in the market.” What do we invest our faith in today? Can we prepare ourselves for the unexpected and calm our anxieties about the future? Sudden fluctuations in the world economy affect us as individuals, determining the plight of our savings and pensions. Will life turn out in gain or loss?

Daniel Peltz’ diverse artistic practice often takes the form of performances, relational experiments and installations. With a background in cultural anthropology and social theory, his interest lies in the bankrupt narratives that inform our personal lives and the societies. The works challenge us to revisit popular narratives; from the notion of perpetual economic growth, to the value of human labor in a post-industrial society and the global spread of the American market-driven pension model. Peltz’ works aim to cause interruptions in the flow of existing narratives, inspiring reflection, thought and analysis as well as suggesting new ways of being.

In the exhibition “Tro, hopp & underskott” these interrupted stories are presented in a broad range of forms, including: as a drumming workshop for investment professionals to connect with the experience of gain and loss in their portfolios, as the image of an American prostrating his way through a rural town in Sweden in the manner of a Buddhist pilgrim, as a political speech-based karaoke campaign and even through a series of porcelain and batik ritual objects to connect to the artist´s own retirement portfolio.

unknown origin, early 21st century

Daniel Peltz is an Associate Professor of Film/Animation/Video at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI. Recent projects have included public interventions in Cameroon, West Africa, Rejmyre, Sweden and two large-scale public art projects in Denver, CO and Cambridge, MA. Peltz has also worked on a number of international pedagogic projects, including an ongoing research project exploring the potentials of networked media environments to develop dialogic video practices.

unknown origin, early 21st century

Artist’s website: www.danielpeltz.net

16 february -24 March
Botkyrka Konsthall, Tumba torg

Miriam Andersson Blecher
Anneli Bäckman
Joanna Sandell

Johanna Fogel
Anna Jönsson
Irena Steindorsdottir

Erik Rören