Residence Botkyrka is Botkyrka konsthall’s context-specific residency programme active within the interdisciplinary field of art, architecture, food and social practices. The programme encourages new forms of artistic research and art practices that engage in a local context, involving the community and supports projects that require longer stays.


Botkyrka is part of Greater Stockholm and is one of Sweden’s most international municipalities with people from more than 160 different countries speaking around 100 languages. Residence Botkyrka promotes context-based art exploring the possibilities of art to influence a place and its identity. Residence Botkyrka works in public spaces and supports projects that are difficult to implement without a prolonged stay. Residence Botkyrka is also interested in the issues of co-creation and how the interaction between people can contribute to social change.

Botkyrka konsthall is currently in the process of creating a new contemporary arts institution in the neighbourhood of Fittja, a process that involves the local community, cultural organisations, schools and collaborations with KTH School of Architecture, Royal Institite of Art in Stockholm, among others. The new institution also grows from the knowledge produced by the artists, curators, architects and thinkers from Residence Botkyrka. There are also opportunities for artists-in-residence to discuss projects and ideas for the New Biennial for Art & Architecture that opens for the second time in September 2017.

Botkyrka has adopted an extension of the so called “one percent rule”, where artists are offered the opportunity of a public commission to work within the municipal street and park design and wastewater treatment. Within the framework of Residence Botkyrka, artists are invited at an early idea- and planning stage of the development process.

Residence Botkyrka is run by Botkyrka konsthall and is a collaboration between the Department of Culture and Leisure, the Department of Urban Planning, the housing company Botkyrkabyggen, and the Multicultural Centre, a municipal foundation that is engaged in research, education and cultural events, and has a mission to study and promote a society where diversity is reflected in Sweden’s national self-image and where migration is a natural part of the Swedish cultural heritage. This cooperation enables different people, such as urban planners and researchers, to contribute with knowledge and networks to the visiting grant holders.

Botkyrka municipality aims to promote a sustainable community development: ecological, social and economic. There is also an emphasis on the citizen’s perspective and possibilities for the community to influence and partake in the programme. This also permeates Residence Botkyrka.

Resident Botkyrka stipend holders are also shortlisted for future public art commissions in the municipality of Botkyrka.

Isabel Löfgren, “Satellitstaden”, 2010-ongoing project in Fittja

Residence Botkyrka is supported by the Nordic Culture Point.

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