In Botkyrka, public art is realized through the use of the “one percent rule”, a practice of committing one percent of the entrepreneur costs to production of art when a new municipal building is being built or renovated in Botkyrka.

Andreas Gedin, Jag var här!, 2011. Foto: Mikael Olsson

Summary of a discussion with Joanna Sandell , director Botkyrka konsthall, and Paola Zamora, project leader, Public Art commissions in Botkyrka. From the publication Botkyrkasmycken 2011.

Invited artists have a certain interest in site-specific work. Do you see any other patterns among the works that have been realized?

JS: I think there is a clear development from site-specific to context-specific work. The educational perspective is more visible in the commissions now. The work is not only about the form and color of the surrounding area, but also an approach to the context and the people there.

PZ: We have also invited artists who are interested in relational aesthetics and social processes. For me it has been important to offer artists the oppurtunity to realize a public commission. We also see the art works as part of Botkyrka municipality’s art collection, and that it should still be relevant twenty years from now.

Lina Selander, Kompositioner, 2011. Foto: Lina Selander

How will you work with public art in Botkyrka in the future?

JS: What makes us special is how we work with collaborative processes. In our residency program we develop collaborations with people living in Botkyrka and with higher educations, such as the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. In the future we’ll connect public art to artistic research and local grass root organizations. We also produce Fittja Open, an annual exhibition about public art that tells the story of Residence Botkyrka while challenging the view on public art. In that way we push the position of public art – through collaborations with researchers and the local establishment, making it visible in public space.

Katja Aglert, Stuffed City, 2011. Foto: Katja Aglert



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