Labyrint Press is a series of exhibitions, an archive, and a publishing house for artist’s books. Labyrint works as a platform for artists who work with publications , artist’s books, text art and sound work relating to writing. Since 2007 Labyrint Press supports artist’s productions in various forms. Read more about works supported by Labyrint Press under Production on this website.

For the Fittja Pavilion, Botkyrka konsthall is now initiating an open call for submissions of artist’s books, audio and video works, fragments and ideas around the question of the Labyrinth as an axe wheel for a new artist’s book library, adjustable for the ideas of rethinking and building a new art institution in Fittja, Sweden.

To participate, please send your work to: Botkyrka konsthall, att: Labyrint Press, Botkyrka kommun, 147 85 Tumba, Sweden.

Digital text works can be sent directly as PDFs to

When submitting a work, please include the following information: a short presentation of yourself (max. 100 characters incl. spacing); a short presentation of the work (max. 500 characters incl. spacing); webpage; country/place where you are based; production year; material information; your contact information. Please send us an e-mail when you have sent us your work, to
All selected works will be added permanently to the archive of Labyrint Press. All artists submitting works will receive a confirmation that Botkyrka konsthall has received their artwork (in case if correct e-mail is provided). A curatorial selection will take place. Labyrint Press will not cover the shipping costs and the insurance of artworks.


Labyrint Archive was founded in 2007 for the purpose of collecting artist’s books and artist’s publications for permanent public view at Botkyrka konsthall. Presently we have approximately 500 works in the collection, mostly by artists who participated in the Labyrint exhibitions in 2006 and 2009.

The Labyrint Archive is appreciated by art students and guest curators as well as by our visitors. We have a special program for children in the studio workshops based on our experience of working with artist’s books in the collection.

You can borrow a selection of the books in the public library which is situated next to Botkyrka konsthall. Some works in PDF-format you may copy in the COPY bar and others you are welcome to purchase in our small Book store.


Joanna Sandell, founder/curator and director

Pia Sandström, founder/curator and artist, created the exhibition architecture, furniture design and costume.The architecture of Labyrint Arkiv is a collaboration with Eva Lindelöf.

Editors: Miriam Andersson Blecher & Anneli Bäckman

Labyrint is supported by The Foundation of Future Culture