Botkyrka konsthall is launching a new platform for art, food and architecture in Fittja during the Fittja Festival, 5-7 June!
Join us for a couple of eventful days with workshop: create your own Fittja spice mixture, “fredagsmys” and popcorn creations, collective container mural paintings, an online performance-lecture with Cooking Sections, transform an old tree to an instrument, conversations over a “fika” on how to collectively create a new space for art, food and architecture in Fittja, and much more!
Fittjaköket + FörOrten is Botkyrka konsthall’s extended programme in Fittja. It is a meeting place for the community, artists, architects, chefs and others to develop ideas on how a future art institution can form in Fittja. In a few years Botkyrka konsthall will open a new space for art in Fittja.

The idea to create a social artistic platform has grown out of the many projects from Residence Botkyrka’s international residency programme where artists, architects and chefs have been working site-specifically in close collaboration with residents, schools and local organisations.