Botkyrka has long been a place where people by the thousands come from elsewhere to live and work. From that starting point, we wish to create a site where visitors from all over the world can indulge in the city’s natural and cultural beauty through exhibitions and exploratory art projects. We are working to make Botkyrka konsthall a model example of how art can function as a catalyst for the revitalization of a city.

We often produce several exhibitions and projects in parallel. Different collaborations merge and develop, new encounters may result in an exhibition, a temporary neighbor, a coffee plate or a workshop for young film makers. Botkyrka konsthall pursues issues of co-creation and how the interaction between people can promote social justice and change. Certain subjects and themes keep reoccuring, for example; the climate change; globalization; and the social role of music in our society. Overview here >

With artists working on site in our residency program, Residence Botkyrka, there are unique possibilities of getting a close view of the artistic process, something that could both activate and inspire. As the city of Botkyrka grows and reshapes, we, together with the artists and citizens, make room for art in the midst of our daily lives.

Botkyrka konsthall is part of the Department of Culture and Leisure of the municipality of Botkyrka. In addition, many of our projects are supported externally. Overview here >