Third space

Third Space: Accessing Utopia, out of the body, Double Culture

Opening: Saturday 18 November, 1-5 PM in Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba. …

Third Space: Accessing Utopia, out of the body, Double Culture

Opening: Saturday 18 November, 1-5 PM in Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba.

Welcome and introduction to the exhibition at 2.30 PM, followed by Nicole Charro’s spoken word, and some food bites by artist Sookyoung Huh’s Koja Bar.

The exhibition Third Space spans across place, politics and poetry bringing together works that relate to a social progress in that is currently transforming. It takes its point of departure from our globalised and segregated societies – where young voices tell of their experiences of being “in-between”, where cultures and languages meet and where new ones are formed. This is the context in which a conflicting and shifting condition of being both on the ‘inside’ as well as on the ‘outside’ exists. We treat the Third Space as a space of negotiating the imaginary – creating a continuous flow towards what has not yet become.

Botkyrka konsthall has been collaborating with the participating artists through Residence Botkyrka, the international residency programme in Fittja, and DIN, an art project organised by Orten i Fokus. The exhibition period will present a programme including the events: When does activism become a commodity? & What is solidarity in unequal societies? organised by Bathutäs (dates in January – February to be announced).

The title borrows from the postcolonial thinker Homi K Bhabha’s theory “The Third Space” that describes a space where cultures are influencing each other and new identities are formed.

The exhibition is Botkyrka konsthall’s final programme that takes place in Tumba before embarking on the journey towards a new art institution that opens up in Fittja in early 2019.

Accessing Utopia (2017)

Bathuthäs Accessing Utopia (2017)

Accessing utopia (2017) is the latest work from the collaborative artistic research group Bathutäs. The piece Accessing utopia is based on interviews with young Swedish activists who have engaged in organizations dealing with the multiple expressions of racism and social injustice in the Swedish society. Using artistic research methodology the project articulates a narrative strategy which aims to put forward the complexities in the young people’s understanding of their own activism, and hence their political subjectivities. In the exhibition, Accessing Utopia is presented in a circular installation with five monitors, and will be accompanied by previous works and a programme.

Bathutäs is a collaboration between René León-Rosales, Ph. D in ethnology and head of research at the Mångkulturellt centrum and Behzad Khosravi-Noori, artist and writer currently holding a Ph. D position at Konstfack/KTH in Stockholm.

studio nāv out of the body (2017)

studio nāv out of the body (2017), still from animation.

studio nāv’s installation out of the body (2017) takes its outset in ‘movement’, and is authored through the trajectory of the underground and endoscope. From the body’s interior a subjective landscape is formed, in which incongruence and intuition dissolve the binaries ‘departure’ and ‘arrival’. Here, the acousmatic voice, once purposeful for the underground, negotiates a flow of relations without a given destination. out of the body is a spatial installation consisting of a video and two soundworks.

The piece is produced in collaboration with Mya Gomez, Houda Landolsi, Elisa Lévy and GlissantBot.

studio nāv is made up of Carl Fransson och Thomas Paltiel. In their work they act from the position of a critical spatial practice. At Botkyrka Konsthall they have also authored the exhibition’s scenography.

Nabil Dorbane (work in progress)

Nabil Dorbane (work in progress). Photo: Pierre Vincensini.

Alex Rodallec and Nabil Dorbane meet in the collaboration Double Culture (2017) featuring poetry and illustrations, text and sounds where a variety of languages and voices portray the experience of what is popularly called the “suburb” in both Sweden and France.

”What is the feeling of the suburb? A phenomenon easily recognized regardless of whether it is in France or Sweden. Areas that are largely populated by a working and lower class with a migration background. What are the pictures stuck with many of us who grew up in these places? What are the sounds and languages? The sorrow and joy? What is it that we carry within of being in between places, on borders? What are the feelings that colour our memories?”


Alex Rodallec is a poet, translator and editor at Kultwatch and the cultural magasine DIN. Nabil Dorbane is an illustrator, graphic designer and graffiti writer.

The exhibition Third Space is running until the 18th February in Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba.

Third Space
Accessing Utopia
out of the body
Double Culture

18 November 2017 –
18 February 2018
Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba

Bathtutäs, Behzad Khosravi-Noori and René León-Rosales
Nabil Dorbane
Alex Rodallec
studio nāv, Carl Fransson and Thomas Paltiel

studio nāv

Miriam Andersson Blecher, director
Anneli Bäckman, curator
Kerstin Gezelius, art educator
Maia Lundblom, installation
Sofia Lundin, coordinator
Gemma Nic Conchra, installation
Georg Nordmark, technical & installation
Mikael Nyström, graphic design

Acapela Group
Mångkulturellt centrum

Mikael Nyström, grafisk form
Pierre Vincensini, foto
Sepidar Hosseini, logotyp

tel: 08-531 706 37


Muhammad Ali: I’m just a number

Opening: 23 September, 12-3 PM in Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba. The exhibition “I’m Just a Number” continues until 22 October.

In …

Opening: 23 September, 12-3 PM in Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba. The exhibition “I’m Just a Number” continues until 22 October.

In the spring of 2016, the artist Muhammad Ali left five years of war behind and fled his home in Syria for Europe, like many others in his situation. When he finally managed to step ashore on one of the Greek islands, an official wrote the number “20” on his hand. He was the 20th person to arrive on the 24th day, in the 2nd month of that year. Through a series of diary book drawings, Muhammad illustrated the experience of being reduced from an individual to just a number.

The drawings are exhibited in Botkyrka konsthall as well as published in the artist’s book: “I’m Just a Number”. The book is available in Labyrint, the artist’s book archive and platform, that is also releasing the anthology “Labyrint (2006-2016)”.

Muhammad Ali was an artist in Botkyrka konsthall’s international residency programme, Residence Botkyrka, in 2016. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus in 2005 and has been exhibiting extensively around the world. Muhammad Ali is now based in Stockholm.


I’m Just a Number

Muhammad Ali

Residence Botkyrka


Fittja Food & Art

Saturday 16 September, 1-5 PM Location: the Fittja Kitchen (containers that are located near the Fittja metro station). See the …

Saturday 16 September, 1-5 PM
Location: the Fittja Kitchen (containers that are located near the Fittja metro station). See the map!

Botkyrka konsthall continues the tradition of creating an art event in Fittja a weekend in September. This year’s theme wants to highlight what we all have in common: the meal and food! Join us for a day of art and taste experiences by the Fittja Kitchen!

Pop-up Prose & Poetry Bar by Nisrine Boukhari * Kimchistories workshop together with Sookyoung Huh * the collective artwork Baghdad Café by Al Fadhil * workshops for the whole family by Junior Residence * DJ Julia Rynell * BBQ * Flea Market * Collection of recipes for the upcoming Fittja Cookbook!

Workshop: Kimchistories (14.30-16.30)
The artist Sookyoung Huh invites us to a Kimchi experience where we explore the many dimensions of this globally popular Korean fermented dish. Kimchi is known for its many health benefits and is often prepared before winter. It is also a dish with many variations and adaptions that shows how food cultures are preserved and develop through times and generations. The workshop will consist of making your own kimchi, cooking and sharing a meal together by the Fittja Kitchen.

Baghdad Cafe
The collective and ongoing artwork Baghdad Café has been travelling all over the world and is now happening in Fittja. The artist Al Fadhil invites us to continue on the work that was initially mobilized in 2003 as a reaction to the Iraq war and with the purpose of gathering words, images and expressions from everywhere it goes. Join the artist, embroider and draw on the linen cloth, drink tea and meet some new friends.

Pop-up Prose & Poetry Bar
The artist Nisrine Boukhari is interpreting your prose, poetry or spoken word in the form of a specially designed drink. Bring your favourite poem or improvise at the bar!

Junior Residence
Every summer, 6 youths from Botkyrka get to work with an art project. This year the group has been exploring the framing of a meal and experimented with self portraits made out of food. They are now inviting the audience to participate in workshops based on these themes.

Work-in-progress: The Fittja Cookbook
Throughout the years of working with food and art, people have been suggesting the idea of producing a cookbook filled with recipes and stories from the neighbourhood of Fittja. Fittja Food & Art becomes the starting point for gathering these stories and the aim is to publish the book sometime in 2018.


16 September, 1-5 PM

Fittja Kitchen, Fittja

Nisrine Boukhari
Al Fadhil
Sookyoung Huh
Junior Residence

The Multicultural Centre

Ledigt jobb i Botkyrka konsthall

Ledigt jobb: projektledare

Vill du jobba med oss?

Nu söker vi en projektledare med fokus på kommunikation och produktion. Vi söker dig som …

Vill du jobba med oss?

Nu söker vi en projektledare med fokus på kommunikation och produktion. Vi söker dig som är öppen, orädd och idérik och som tillsammans med oss vill förverkliga visionerna om ett angeläget utbud som skapas utifrån medborgarens fokus. Ditt uppdrag är att driva ett kommunikationsarbete som skapar större kännedom om verksamheten och som är ett verktyg i kontakten med våra olika målgrupper. Du initierar olika former och metoder för hur flera målgrupper kan bli delaktiga i Botkyrka konsthalls programverksamhet. Du har fokus på att ta tillvara kompetensen och kreativiteten hos unga vuxna i kommunen som är en prioriterad målgrupp. Du tillhör organisatoriskt enheten Botkyrka konsthall och ingår i arbetsgruppen som tar ett gemensamt ansvar för konsthallens programplanering. Du samverkar med andra aktörer i Botkyrka och i omvärlden och är bra på att bygga nätverk och skapa kontakter.

Vi vill att du har en akademisk- eller konstnärlig utbildning. Du har erfarenhet av att arbeta med frågor och verksamhet som utgår från ett samtida konst-, form- och kulturfält där kommunikationsarbete för att nå delaktighet är av centralt värde. Du har expertis inom nya och olika former av kommunikation som rymmer sociala medier och aktiv omvärldsanalys. Du har vidare erfarenhet av förankringsarbete och förändringsarbete med fokus på ungas delaktighet i processen. Du har erfarenhet av process – och projektledning. Vi vill att du är insatt i frågor om lokal demokratiutveckling och har välutvecklade tankar om hur vi kan skapa angelägen kulturverksamhet i en ung och internationell kommun. Du har lätt för att ta egna initiativ och kan ha ett långsiktigt, strategiskt och analytiskt tänkande med ett interkulturellt perspektiv. Du är lyhörd, kommunicerande och skapar delaktighet. Du formulerar dig väl i tal och skrift på svenska och engelska, och gärna andra språk.

Läs hela annonsen och sök här!

Botkyrka kommun är Stockholmsområdets femte största kommun med drygt 90 000 invånare. Omtalade kultur-, demokrati- och upplevelsesatsningar, expansivt näringsliv samt ung och internationell befolkning, gör Botkyrka till en händelse- och variationsrik kommun med plats för nytänkare.

Kultur- och fritidsförvaltningen, med ca 190 anställda, svarar för att det finns ett rikt kulturliv och ett mångsidigt fritidsutbud i Botkyrka kommun, i form av bad, bibliotek, konsthall, kulturskola, fritidsgårdar och sportanläggningar.

Kulturverksamheten i Botkyrka består av enheterna Botkyrka Kulturskola, Botkyrka konsthall och staben Kulturen Centralt, som tillsammans täcker upp för organiserad och spontan kultur runtom i kommunen. Alla enheter ska genomsyras av demokrati, jämställdhet, yttrandefrihet och ett interkulturellt förhållningssätt. Genom omvärldsorientering, metodutveckling och strategiska samarbeten skapar vi angelägen kulturverksamhet i kommunen, helt i linje med Botkyrka kommuns devis ”Långt ifrån lagom”.
Botkyrka konsthall presenterar samtidskonsten i alla dess former. Vi tror att man genom den samtida konsten kan skapa en djupare förståelse för det som händer både runtom i världen och här i Botkyrka. Vi vill stimulera och lyfta fram konstlivet lokalt och knyta an till en internationell konstarena.

Botkyrka konsthalls verksamhet utgörs av konstnärliga produktioner i utställningsrummet i Tumba, i det offentliga rummet, 1%-uppdrag eller i publicerad form genom arkivet Labyrint för artists books. Det internationella ateljéprogrammet Residence Botkyrka bjuder in konstnärer, arkitekter och curatorer att verka utifrån platsen Botkyrka. Unga Botkyrkabor har möjlighet att delta och utvecklas genom den pedagogiska verksamheten, Färgsättarna och Junior Residence. I Fittja finns mötesplatsen Fittjaköket + FörOrten, ett par omarbetade containrar som aktiveras under sommarhalvåret för konstprojekt. Inom en snar framtid öppnar Botkyrka konsthalls nya lokaler i Fittja.

Botkyrka konsthall har idag flera spännande utmaningar där metodutveckling för att öka Botkyrkabornas delaktighet är i fokus, med mål att skapa en angelägen kulturverksamhet och därmed en känsla av ägandeskap hos våra kommuninvånare.

Bild: Konstfestival & Loppis i Fittja 2016. Foto: Madiha Saeed.


18 augusti

Miriam Andersson Blecher, Konsthallschef
Telefon: 070-889 20 61

Agneta Borgestedt, HR-specialist
Telefon: 070-886 10 75


Residence Botkyrka: Seher Uysal

Welcome to the artist talk “Books on Almost About Everything (and Nothing)” with Seher Uysal from Istanbul in Residence Botkyrka’s …

Welcome to the artist talk “Books on Almost About Everything (and Nothing)” with Seher Uysal from Istanbul in Residence Botkyrka’s apartment.

Saturday 10th June, 4-6 PM
Residence Botkyrka, Krögarvägen 26 in Fittja (metro: Fittja)

Seher Uysal, Ph.D. (1983, Istanbul) is an independent researcher and visual artist. She studied Communication and Social Sciences at the beginning of her career then changed her field of study and finished her master’s degree in Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts. Holding a Ph.D degree in Arts, she has an academic focus. Consistent with the variety of her educational interests, her investigations as a visual artist and a researcher vary in many different forms and disciplines: images and imagery, everyday studies, history, and art education. After working as a lecturer in 2012 and 2013 in Kocaeli University, Fine Arts Faculty; she has started to research on education models and is a proud member of the teaching team in Nesin Art Village which concentrates on alternative art education in Turkey. She published articles and interviews in many magazines and academic periodicals about art and visual culture.

Seher is currently the artist in residence at Kultivera in Tranås where she is also curating three projects in public space (Recycle, Project K., and Studio Bibliotek).

This spring, AllArtNow is presenting a series of programmes in Residence Botkyrka’s apartment on Krögarvägen 26 in Fittja. Everyone is invited for an afternoon get-together, meeting artists and neighbours for talks and presentations.

In collaboration with AllArtNow and Kultivera A-I-R in Tranås.


10 June, 4 – 6 PM
Krögarvägen 26, Fittja

Seher Uysal

AllArtNow & Kultivera, Tranås


Workshop: Shazia Farrukh

Workshop in miniature paintings with artist Shazia Farrukh. Saturday 10th June, 11 AM – 2 PM in Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba. …

Workshop in miniature paintings with artist Shazia Farrukh.
Saturday 10th June, 11 AM – 2 PM in Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba.

Islamic Art is remarkable in its significant contribution to mathematical patterns. These patterns are generated from simple shapes such as squares and circles. The shapes are combined, duplicated, and arranged in intricate combinations, and suggest a remarkable amount of freedom in its repetition and complexity. The workshop includes an introduction to basic philosophy of Islamic Art, a brief about materials used, their development and hands-on practice to create Islamic geometric patterns.

The workshop is free of charge (max number 10 persons), bookings via: Children from 12 years. Adults are welcome! Please note that the workshop will be held in English.

The workshop is part of the exhibition Lesser-known Stories, Saima Usman’s final project exhibition for the CuratorLab course at Konstfack.


Shazia Farrukh

10 June, 11 AM -2 PM

Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba

Shazia Farrukh

Lesser-known Stories: Saima Usman

OPENING PROGRAMME: Wednesday 24 May, 4 – 9 PM (see below programme for locations). The exhibition continues until 22 June. …

OPENING PROGRAMME: Wednesday 24 May, 4 – 9 PM (see below programme for locations). The exhibition continues until 22 June.

The project Lesser-known Stories is a reaction against an increasingly one-sided and biased narrative about Islam, fueled by religious and political extremism.

Words like radicalisation and Islamophobia are dominating our information flows and public sphere, whilst sanctioning prejudice and causing tension. In a time of globalisation, the need for cultural exchange and encounters with others are even more important in order to reach beyond preconceived ideas and discover the great diversity of stories.

It is against this background, that Saima Usman, artist and curator from Pakistan, wants to nuance the perceived image of Islam by highlighting aspects and ways of feminism and Sufism as well as presenting a selection of artists whose practices range from traditional to contemporary.

Lesser-known Stories is a project that brings together: art, architecture, poetry, and religion, and takes us on a guided tour of the Fittja Mosque following an exhibition that opens with a talk and a shared meal at Botkyrka konsthall, the day before the holy month of Ramadan begins.

Programme: trip to the Fittja Mosque, opening and talks in Botkyrka konsthall:

4 PM Meet-up at Fittja metro station before walking to the mosque for a guided tour by the architect Max Dahlstrand.

5.30 PM Bus from the Fittja Mosque to Botkyrka konsthall.

6 PM Opening of the exhibition that presents miniature paintings by Shazia Farrukh “The Sky Is the Veil of God” and Khusro Sabswari’s paintings “Khusros Whirling Dervishas well as an anonymous artist from Pakistan that has compiled a video work containing music and poetry “Heartfelt Devotion to the Pursuit of Love and Truth” at Botkyrka konsthall.

6.30 PM Introduction by Saima Usman, curator for the project, followed by presentations and readings by Johannes Anyuru (poet), Frédéric Brusi (professor of Islamic studies), and Fazeela Sellberg Zaib (Muslim feminist and debater).

7.45 PM (ca) Shared meal at Botkyrka konsthall.

Lesser-known Stories is Saima Usman’s final project exhibition for the CuratorLab course at Konstfack, and is made in collaborations with Fittja Mosque and Botkyrka konsthall.


Lesser-known Stories

24 May – 22 June, 2017

Shazia Farrukh
Khusro Sabswari
Anonym konstnär
Johannes Anyuru
Frédéric Brusi
Fazeela Sellberg Zaib

CuratorLab, Konstfack

Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba